Year 6 - Week 1 Schedule

1. Week One

Family Time, Oral Narrations and Read Alouds

Optional Family Devotion: Bible, scripture or other inspirational reading

Poetry Anthology - Read 3 poems a week 

Novel: Animal Farm Chapter 1

History & Narration: History Makers: Modern History Chapter 1

Music Appreciation 

Picture Study 

On Your Own Subjects

Primary Language Lessons 6 – Week 1

The Geology Book by Dr John Morris - This purchased separately

Living World Science Videos: Video 1 |See Year 6 Online Lesson Links

Watch Civics and Citizenship Videos – Democracy & The Australian Way |See Year 6 Online Lesson Links

Latin Copywork or Wildflower Copywork - Lesson 1

Downunder Dictation Lesson 1

Core Math Curriculum ($)

Discover Downunder – Australian Geography

Map Work and Notebooking Activities

Science Notebooking Page - The Geology Book & Science Videos |See Year 6 Online Lesson Links

Make notes on the Civics and Citizenship videos |See Year 6 Online Lesson Links

Australian Geography Note Book – Australian Geography Overview

Book of Century Dates (end of week)

Enrichment Activities

Classic Read Aloud

Free Reading /library visit

Nature Walk

Sports Activity

Music Lesson Practice

Independent Art Work


Foreign Language (extra)