Year 5 - Week 1 Schedule

1. Week 1

Family Time, Oral Narrations and Read Alouds

Optional Family Devotion: Bible, scripture or other inspirational reading

Poetry Anthology - Read 3 times per week 

Novel: Seven Little Australians Chapters 1 - 3

History Narration: Our Sunburnt Country Sample p. 9 -11

Geography Narration: A Bush Calendar – current month

Music Appreciation

Picture Study

On Your Own Subjects

Primary Language Lessons 5 – Week 1

Classic Quotes Lesson 1

Handwriting: Downunder Copywork Book 3: p.5 - 6

Watch Astronomy Video: Moon Landing - Australia's Role

New Astronomy Book - Introduction p. 6 - 7

Core Maths Curriculum ($)

Own Reader/Free Reading (S)

Map Work and Notebooking Activities

Science Notebooking Page using  >The New Astronomy Book.

Australian History Notebook p. 6

Enrichment Activities

  • Free Reading /library visit - We encourage you read from lots of books. We have lots of book list suggestions for you.
  • Nature Walk - allocate time this week to go on a nature walk somewhere. This is a great group activity. Instructions on nature journaling are given in our How To Teach section.
  • Independent Art Work- Creative art activity of choice. Drawing, painting etc.
  • Sports Activity - this can be an organised group activity or free play that could be considered exercise.
  • Music Lesson Practice - if your child is learning an instrument then this is a reminder for daily practice.
  • Handicrafts - children are encouraged to do activities with their hands. This project is up to you.
  • Foreign Language (extra) - we do have simple language curriculum but if you want to focus on learning a language indepth you will need to seek out extra curriculum. However this is optional.